Elite Open Society and Bitcoin

Every 30-40 years the Money Changers, AKA the Global Banking Elite, change the way we look at money. What a coincidence we are approaching that 30-40 year mark since President Nixon, in 1971, changed the way we looked at the dollar by taking the world off the gold standard. The dollar as of today Aug 6, 2015 is the global reserve currency and will soon be replaced by another currency. Some say it will be the Yuan or SDR. It is my firm belief a digital crypto currency will be the next advancement in this new virtual era when banks can no longer be trusted to keep depositors money safe. We will at some point in time be herded into the direction of the cryptocurrency as the only option in order to keep governments from seizing accounts and taking what does not belong to them. New types of banks will arise and hold crypto currency securely and be used as a means for smart contracts and escrow. Gold and Silver will be valued by many but will be limited by its availability to the public in a time of distress. Eventually the public will be convinced precious metals will be too slow to compete with crypto currency and will be looked at as a barbarous relic too slow for global trade in a world obsessed with speed and inability for delayed gratification. If we look at Bitcoin and compare it to the Elite’s plan to have a new currency every 30-40 years Bitcoin satisfies that objective. Correction** The Last Bitcoin is mined in 2140 not 2040 as stated in the video.