[Ep.49] Storj’s DriveShare. WiFi w/ Bitcoin. Slock.It’s CPU & BitJoy’s kit.

Storj paying to grow network capacity from 100TB to 1PB. Andreas Antonopoulos’s 21 Bitcoin computer WiFi-selling code. Cryptorial’s handy glossary. Slock.It to power IoT with Ethereum computer. BitJoy to offer dev kit for BTC payments on mobile apps.

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Show links:
Storj’s DriveShare: http://driveshare.org/download.html
Andreas’ BTC WiFi code: https://github.com/aantonop/wifiportal21
BTC Wifi code coverage: http://themerkle.com/news/wifiportal21-project-lets-pay-wifi-minutes-bitcoin/
Cryptorial glossary of terms: http://cryptorials.io/glossary/
Slock.it & Ethereum computer: https://blog.slock.it/we-re-building-the-ethereum-computer-9133953c9f02#.mvsce2at7
Bitjoy’s code release: https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/bitjoy-brings-bitcoin-based-in-app-purchases-and-rewards-to-ios-android-and-unity/
Bitjoy homepage: https://bitjoy.io/landing/index.html

Music: ‘Helicopter’ by Bloc Party: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2R6S5CJWlco

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