Episode 9: Tuur Demeester – Bitcoin Price Predictions and Building Private Schools

Episode 9: Tuur Demeester Show Notes

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3:18 Tuur tells us about founding the Sudberry School in Holland, does it promote entrepreneurship?

What percentage of graduates become entrepreneurs? ~48% start their own business

11:22 The importance of choosing your peers and surrounding yourself with ambitious people

12:00 Relationship hygiene, and having honest conversations with people in your life

14:xx Role models, questioning who your role models are, and the changing of role models over time

16:14 – How should you think about investing in the bitcoin space? Tuur has three words for you. “Buy and Hold”. Is he joking, or serious?

16:58 – Sidechains http://gendal.me/2014/10/26/a-simple-explanation-of-bitcoin-sidechains/

17:15 “[With Bitcoin], I can give [the bitcoin exchange] Mexican pesos, and two hours later, I can cash it out in China for Chinese yuan. This is happening today.”

17:40 CAPE Ratio Cyclicly adjusted Price Earnings Ratio of stocks around the world is 20. Healthy average 15. Does this imply stocks are overvalued? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyclically_adjusted_price-to-earnings_ratio

18:15 “Somewhere in the next two years, there is going to be a panic, and bitcoin is going to benefit from that.”

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