Future of BITCOIN, The ELITE, Gold and The FED Part 2

David Rockefeller said in 2013, “We need to institute a cashless system by 2016″
Bitcoin Price is currently $342 – Nov 12, 2015
The Rothschild family is said to be the richest family in the world and the originators of our modern way of banking.187 of 200 central banks around the world are owned by the Rothschild family. These banks are all working together to compete to devalue currency by printing excess money and holding interest rates to zero. The process has already begun to bring interest rates to a negative rate. This will force people to pay banks for the pleasure of holding their money and will eventually lead people to taking their money out of banks and to look for alternatives for preserving their wealth. Following precious metals possible rise and lack of access in time of distress, the most obvious solution will be Bitcoin when it becomes more mainstream as people look for safety. Bitcoin will replace Gold as a store of value due to the economic confidence that will be behind bitcoin as the price moves up, this will be by design as you start seeing the talking heads out there endorsing bitcoin. We are being methodically herded in this direction and this will become more apparent as time moves forward.
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