[Geek’out on #Bitcoin] Mike Tyson’s Bitcoin ATM

Each week, we geek our way to the future and talk about Bitcoin. This week, we have John Pretto, the team behind Mike Tyson’s Bitcoin ATM and discuss the following points:

[01:36] John Pretto shares his story about his ‘rabbit hole’ adventure
[08:00] We go super deep quickly and talk about THE FORK
[10:45] What is Bitcoin?
[19:50] Project: Mike Tyson’s BTM
[23:00] The misconception of Bitcoin ATM vs Vending Machines
[26:00] News flash: A Mike Tyson Wallet?!
[26:50] Show’n’Tell: how to use a Bitcoin Vending Machine
[28:00] What’s the difference between ATM and Bitcoin ATM?
[33:24] How can Bitcoin be mainstreamed?
[37:00] The blockchain is the game changer
[37:50] A guest jumps on to ask a question about John and his project
[41:50] Top 3 tips on how to use Bitcoin
[46:00] Using the Tyson’s brand to help propel Bitcoin to the mainstream
[47:00] What’s next for the brand?
[50:50] “Implore you to study the blockchain technology” – John

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