Get into Bitcoin – And stick it to the man !

By investing in Bitcoin you get a share in a better future as I am sure we will only see Bitcoin rise and rise to infinity and beyond. However I only suggest that you invest what you can afford to hold for a few years and mark my word you will soon be a part of the new money elite. Also you can enjoy a nonviolent way of sticking it to the governments that around the world protects banks and allow them to print money out of thin air and allocate assets while devaluing your hard earn pay check. So make the right choice and join the new money elite ASAP and become a proud owner of some Bitcoin. Bitcoin cannot be printed and there is a fixed supply available making it a good storage of value. If you are really cool you will turn your back to the fake fiat money system 100% as it is what finance war, tyranny and the growing police state that is emerging while these banker and politician morons are printing money and drowning the world and our unborn children in debt quicker than you can say : F..k th. Poli.. !

Let me know what you guys think about this ?

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Advice on CROWDFUNDING anyone!!!!! – indiegogo vs kickstarter or something else ?
I wish to write a book about socialism in Scandinavia which I believe is falsely being used around the world to promote big government.