Gold remains an inflation trade; Bitcoin sees bullish potential

Perception that gold is a bad news trade has no ground, says Charles Morris, Editor for AtlastPulse, as he joins today’s Tip TV Finance show, with Zak Mir, Technical Analyst at Zak’s Traders Café, and Bill Hubard, Chief Economist for Bullion Capital, to discuss Gold prices and Bitcoin.

Gold: Lots of hope in the market, people finding reasons to buy

Speaking on the Gold prices, Morris says that Gold being a bad news trade has no historical evidence, and in fact, it remains an inflation trade.
While there is evidence of little inflation in the US, the stronger dollar is bearish for the precious metal.

On the valuation perspective, Morris outlines how he uses Gold as a bond to derive the fair value for the yellow metal, and adds that Gold is currently 15% above its fair value estimate.

On the technical outlook, Morris highlights that the prices plotted lower lows and lower highs, but aren’t oversold. There is nothing bullish about the gold market.
Gold prices have fallen quickly in dollar terms, but not so quickly when compared to other currencies.

Morris further says that there’s a lot of hope in the Gold markets, with people finding reason for why it’s a buy. On the future outlook, he says that the yellow metal would turn bullish when inflation starts seeping into the global economy.

Bitcoin: Fair value at $400

Morris believes that the fair value for BTC/USD is around 400, and remains bullish on the cryptocurrency for 2016.

He says that there is a direct relationship between the fees and the price.

While bitcoin remains a trading play currently, value buying in the future will add to the bullishness in the price.

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