How Bitcoin Became a Legit Virtual Currency

With the US Senate hearing on virtual currencies, it looks like Bitcoin could be a legit form of money. Guest host Annie Gaus explores how this anonymous, peer-to-peer transaction has risen in the digital world to be considered a credible currency on par with paper money or gold.

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Authorities See Worth of Bitcoin
“Senior U.S. law-enforcement and regulatory officials said they see benefits in digital forms of money and are making progress in tackling its risks.”

Beyond Silk Road: Potential Risks, Threats, and Promises of Virtual Currencies

We Use Coins
“Your portal into the world of Bitcoin.”

Bitcoin Foundation

FBI shuts down online drug market Silk Road
“The FBI has shut down the online drug bazaar Silk Road — and arrested the man who they say created it.”

Liberty Reserve co-founder pleads guilty in $6 billion money-laundering case
“In May, the anonymous online banking service Liberty Reserve was abruptly shut down as part of an international sting by the Justice Department.”

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