how to convert Bullcoin into Bitcoin – BLC to BTC Exchanging Sites 2017

how to convert Bullcoin into Bitcoin in urdu/hindi.
Ethtrade has announced the news or new update about people know that they have already received bullcoins in their wallets.Ethtrade declared that they have to exchange or re-purchase in the face of bullcoins or bitcoins into their e-wallets only.
Now we have a decision divided into two points:
1:we can withdraw all bullcoins after exchanging them into bitcoin/satoshi by paying 0.00250000 satoshi as a fee amount to Lcurex and taking btc in the place of our bullcoins.we can also check high ranking rates of bullcoins in the Lcurex market place.

2:we can re-invest in ethtrade but in the face of only bullcoins.
We are pleased to inform that we have formalized a partnership with cryptocurrency named Cryptobullcoin (BLC).
Storage of BLC allows you to earn up to 12% per month on coin balance in your wallet (it’s important to understand that for mining with POS system, your BLC should be stored in your wallet, not on the exchange or Androind app).

Now let’s talk further about the future of Ethtrade.
The Cryptocurrency market is getting more complicated the day after day.
Many major precedents have taking a place within the last few months. Almost all the funds you deposited within those period and which were sent for trading and work were almost all lost, up to 90% of loses. Today, thanks to Crypto Partner it become possible to reduce the loses to only 60%, which gives us a way for further business development by converting all available assets into bullcoin. It was decided to switch to another type of work, namely to the cryptocurrency of our partners, in which you will manage all the processes by yourself (someone can just store coins and be involved in mining, or someone can trade or both- you and only you will be able to make such decisions).

Software client already works in high-grade mode and available for downloading, installing at the following link :

Also need to underline, that the name « bullcoin » is not final and it can be easily changed for a more proper one any minute.

The transition process will occur during our summer holidays and the token’s initial price will be $10 until August 6, after this date it will probably increase. This will happen if everyone starts mining and sustain the system. Those, who decided to stay on the platform after August 6, will be able to buy token at $15 and further at an even higher price, since to obtain a license we must completely switch to a token, – this means the previous model of work will no longer exist.
By many partners request the deadline for conversion into bullcoin be extended for 3 days until the 8th of August . All the rest who will not manage to switch and convert their funds into BLC, will exchange the assets according to the exchange price.

Currently, the purchase of Crypto bullcoin is available to only Ethtrade users. In foreseeable future, all others will be able to buy, so don’t rush to sell BLC – the planned growth rate can be 100-200% within a year (provided organic development and mining).

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