How to earn Free Bitcoins & multiply them fast.


You need just 30 sec/hour to earn up to $200 by playing a easy game/ just write 2 word. Can you not give 30Sc in per hour ? Seriously you can earn huge in every hour.

1. Create a wallet from here
2. Click “Create My Free Wallet” button.
3. Fill up mail,password and all required in form (password must be 10 character long).
4. A pop up will open,copy and save all popup text and click continue (it will need for recover your account,if u forget account detail)
5.After clicking continue you will look a Identifier code,copy and save it.
6.Enter your password and click “Open wallet”
9.Now go to here
10. Enter bitcoin address,password and mail and signup.
11.After signup you can play free bitcoin roll game per hour by enter a captcha.

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11. – break a crate abd get free Bitcoins:) Good site but most of the time it is out of coins.

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