Is Dr. Craig Wright (Satoshi Nakamoto), inventor of Bitcoin? Snippet Collection Oct 2015

Is Dr. Craig Wright the elusive Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin?

This video contains the clips containing only Dr Craig Wright (the entire original video is 1 hour 15 minutes), The subjects covered are noted below:

Clip 1: Intro. Dr. Wright “does commercial research that nobody ever hears about, and this suits him very well”. “Designs protocols, and works on things that people don’t realize can be possible yet”. “Going back to writing papers soon.” Born in Australia and moved to London where he resides now. When asked how did he first learn about Bitcoin? “(pause) I’ve been involved with all of this for a long time.” “I try and stay…. I try to keep my head down.” (Were you a miner?) “…A long time ago.”

Clip 2: (Part A) Dr. Wright says money is a commodity and explains how that relates to Bitcoin. He says that Bitcoin is a commodity.

(Part B) Dr. Wright says people are looking at Bitcoin too small (Bitcoin is more than money). In Machine Code, there are none of these limitations. We have a rather rich instruction set in Bitcoin. It’s just not well defined. Ethereum is out there developing a new stack because they think we can’t loop. But you can in Bitcoin. You have to use a separate control stack. It’s not like other control codes where you only have a single stack. It can all be done in the Bitcoin protocol.

(Part C) Dr. Wright has been modeling and scaling bitcoin on the 15th most powerful supercomputer in the world for the past several years (he named this computer Tulip).

Clip 4: Dr. Wright Refers very knowledgably to the original Bitcoin software version 0.1 and how simultaneous exchange should be possible– Not just simply one way transfers.

Clip 5: (Part A) Dr. Wright talks about his private super computer modelling bitcoin. “Coin” was his first computer. He’s building an even more powerful super computer in Iceland (for low power cost reasons), more powerful than the NSA’s super computer. He owns the world’s largest private super computer, and 15th most powerful (non-private) supercomputer in the world.

(Part B) In the second half of this clip Craig speaks on trading property as a fundamental right of humans. The right to property, and privacy to it.

Clip 6: Thoughts regarding if there a role for government in Bitcoin.

Clip 7: (Part A) Bitcoin as a limited supply. Bitcoin improvements will be made because people are acting in their own best interests. This is what banks lack.

(Part B) Private blockchains are less secure– Not more secure. We have to think not just money. A full digital rights network and ownership. Then we’ll finally reach what Bitcoin is really about.


Presented at Bitcoin Investor Conference – Las Vegas, NV

Oct. 29-30, 2015

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