Kevin @ Bitcoin for Beginners: the Basic Bitcoin and Blockchain Concepts You Need to Know

Kevin is with Bitcoin for Beginners, the media focused on getting beginners interested in coming into the crypto space, and provide the resources that they need to navigate all the hurdles in the crypto space. Because it’s admittedly hard right now, there are a lot of people trying to scam you.

Bitcoin for Beginners now has 30k subscribers on YouTube and 64k followers on Facebook. They also have a website ( with a lot of free articles there.

Kevin has a background in tech. He studied electrical engineering in Texas and UCLA. And the technology involved in blockchain attracts Kevin’s attention at the beginning. He started off with the technology side of blockchain, and got to know the finance part and political view of it.

Bitcoin has a lot of different definitions, the one that sticks with Kevin is that “it’s just a really special form of money and store of value in which have ultimate control over yourself.”

And Blockchain is “just a database creating a different way, and it’s public. You can see everything that’s going on. It’s immutable, which requires people to peers who don’t know each other to come together to form consensus in order to add to the blockchain.”

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