Litecoin – Top Crypto for Payments | Bitcoin lags behind

Litecoin – top cryptocurrency for daily payments. Being the Bitcoin hard fork, it makes up for shortcomings of btc. Litecoin fights injustice, and authorities have no more control over your wealth.

00:05 Fiat currencies controlled by authorities
00:27 BTC – 1st cryptocurrency to fight injustice
00:57 LTC better than BTC
01:20 Charlie Lee: total anonymity of LTC
01:41 Fast and secure

LTC is one of the leading coins by market capitalization. Its blockchain processes a transaction in less than 2.5 minutes while BTC needs 15 minutes.

Charlie Lee, its founder, strives to make Litecoin fully anonymous like Monero or Zcash. And we hope he will do it.

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