McGill Bitcoin Airdrop

McGill Cryptocurrency Club in collaboration with ChangeTip gives hundreds of McGill students (Montreal, Canada) Bitcoin during Frosh Week!

Over 1000$ worth of bitcoins was distributed to McGill students using the “ChangeTips On a Plane” application and through ChangeTip over Twitter.

Tip the filmmakers: 1F1sVEHChntP2JFEcXzpqfRnpp5V7mgi5M


About ChangeTip: ChangeTip makes it easy to send and receive money online. Tip people, businesses and organizations by mentioning a recipient, changetip, and an amount.

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Presented to you by: McGill Cryptocurrency Club

*The official hub for cryptocurrency at McGill


Sponsors: Bitcoin Alliance of Canada, Bitcoin Canada, CAVirtex, ChangeTip, Coinsetter, Satoshi Counter

Music: Ripe – Brother Sky
Produced by: Etye Sarner and Michael Gord

What is the Bitcoin Airdrop?

The concept of the Bitcoin Airdrop was first introduced at MIT in 2014. The goal is simple: create a Bitcoin micro-economy on campuses by giving out free bitcoins to students.

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