Money Talk Interview with Simon Dixon on Financial Markets & Bitcoin on RTHK

Money Talk: There’s chaos in the markets and confusion with central banks. Oil and metals prices take another tumble sending stocks and emerging market currencies sharply lower. And the world’s central banks add to the uncertainty. Fed officials openly disagree with each other on whether the conditions have been met for an interest rate rise. Mario Draghi threatens more stimulus unless Eurozone inflation picks up. And the Chinese yuan has been fixed lower for the 8th day in a row by the People’s Bank of China. Is this the beginning of a new devaluation?

We discuss all of those stories and the implications with our markets guest Michael Every, head of Asia Research at Rabobank. We shall also look at the possibilities for investment in Bitcoin with Simon Dixon, CEO and co-founder of And we shall have our regular Friday View From Australia, this week with former banker and author Satyajit Das. You too can join in with the discussion. Text, email, post or tweet us.

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