My BitCoin mining operation & fixing cooling problems w/ 3D printer

I’m giving you the full tour of my BitCoin mining operation run out of my shed. I also 3D model and print a custom fan shroud to upgrade my mines cooling system using an online modeling program called Tinkercad.

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Questions & Answers
Q) Why is the audio weird?
A) It’s a stereo Microphone on my Sony RX100 III camera, you’re probably used to mono audio from most of my other videos.

Q) Why don’t you just hook up that AC in your shed to cool it down?
A) Not enough power to run the AC out there with my current setup and even if I could the power required by the AC would eat into my mining profits pretty significantly since the shed isn’t insulated and requires 1200+ watts of power.

Q) Your shroud should be tilted down and have mesh to keep animals out
A) I plan to make a second version of this vent (I might even do a video). This was just my first attempt at making something simple in TinkerCad and it’s all could manage without going into advanced lessons.