Opening up a Bitcoin antminer S7 (broken S5+) to see what’s inside

So obviously some people and I won’t say who are upset that I called this an S7 even though it’s a broken S5+ which I clearly explained in my video that it is the exact same thing. It goes to show that some people need stickers. Because if I had an S7 sticker which is really the only difference this would be an S7 with the controller card removed. I also realized that some people just like to argue. I am glad that 99% of you out there are not like that because this would not be fun and for sake of what I am trying to demonstrate in my video putting S7 made sense because that is what people are ordering now. I just wanted to clarify that and understand that most of you guys get it. Thanks for your support and keep watching.

Some people were concerned about how their cards would move around so I thought it was time to open one up and show them what was inside.