Richard Heart Interview & IvanonTech talk Money, Bitcoin forks, altcoins, price predictions

Richard Heart: Billionaire, blockchain thought leader, cyrptocurrency investor, author, serial entrepreneur, startup advisor.
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Time stamps:
1:00 Intro
1:20 What is money?
7:05 What is the real value of money
7:45 You can control your own money
9:40 Rate my sandwich app
10:50 Trust reduced not trustless
12:45 How many cryptocurrencies are on the market
13:18 Bitcoin v altcoins
16:25 What about the environmental cost of bitcoin
17:50 Why mining actually works analogy
19:30 Richard fork of bitcoin
21:15 Money is speech & BitcoinHex
23:00 Is crypto more than just a store of value
25:00 One year from now
27:35 Fake Satoshi is a scumbag and should be ostracized
28:20 Bcash needs less crap talk
29:00 Audience questions: Government regulation?
31:30 Audience questions: Bitcoins environmental footprint