Sarder NYSCI Talks (Blockchain Event): Who developed Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency?

On May 17, 2018, Sarder TV covered NYCI’s event “Making Sense of Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies”

Bitcoins and cryptocurrency have made it into our everyday conversation but many people do not understand how the systems work. Sarder TV can help you get up to speed with this new technology with the presentation of “Making Sense of Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies” with venture capitalist Fred Wilson and author Steven Johnson. Presented by the New York Hall of Science this exciting discussion will have you cryptocurrency savvy in no time.

Fred Wilson and Steven Johnson have a conversation about the development of Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency. They discuss the publication of a white paper attributed to Satoshi Nakamoto, which may be a person or a group of people, who put together different technologies that were used to create the underpinnings of the Bitcoin platform. The presenters talk about how it takes belief in an abstract concept to understand this new financial platform or network.

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