SF Bitcoin Meetup @ Geekdom – Sept 30, 2014

The official Bitcoin Magazine live stream of the SF Bitcoin Meetup @ Geekdom (http://www.meetup.com/San-Francisco-Bitcoin-Social/events/180197842/).
The panelists include: Arianna Simpson (BitGo), Toni Lane Casserly (Crypto Advisor and Consultant), Flavio Rump (BTCJam) and Davi Barker (Bitcoin Not Bombs). The panel moderator will be the one and only Thomas Hunt AKA Mad Bitcoins.
A very big “Thank you!” to Money & Tech for the use of their camera.
This live stream is sponsored by Amagi Metals.

Live streamed by @RY4NT4YLOR
Bitcoin tip address: 1DRv4kEHY5uuN4m3q5A9hJoUeFYjgmDP9R