Small S7 Antminer Bitcoin Farm Cooling System Solution

This is a very quick and short video showing the main components of how I keep my miners cool. ***Spoiler Alert*** Air conditioning is a huge waste of money and in most cases a losing battle. You have hot air blowing out the back of your miners, so unless you have an air conditioner that can blow more cold air than your miners hot air which I doubt most of us do, you are just wasting your effort. Even if you do why would you waste that power on cooling when you can use it on more mining equipment . There is a way more efficient ways to cool your mining space and my video is just one example and depending on your situation there are probably dozens of different ways to set it up. In my video I forgot to mention the swamp cooler settings. So on high cool is 7 amps, low cool is 5 amps high vent (blower only) 4 amps and low vent is 2.5 amps. An Air conditioner couldn’t touch those numbers.