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The Race for Mainstream Decentralized Markets
Online Marketplace Purse aims to create the “ebay killer” with built-in amazon discounts

San Francisco, CA – Purse (http://www.purse.io) announced plans to build a decentralized marketplace using smart contracts, multisignature technologies and blockchain escrows. Purse allows users to purchase anything on Amazon at a discount with bitcoin. Now, Purse shoppers can peruse items much like they would on eBay, with the added benefit of saving up to 20% off on Amazon. Merchants use Coinbase, Purse’ premier payment partner and the bitcoin payment industry leader. Unlike the walled gardens of eBay and PayPal, Purse is payment agnostic and utilizes the decentralized technology of bitcoin. Purse will be launching this new marketplace in time for the holiday season.

read more: https://blog.purse.io/the-race-for-mainstream-decentralized-markets/

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