TDV Interview Series: Jose Rodriguez of Bitso on Latin American Bitcoin Opportunities

Jeff interviews long time friend and Mexican Bitcoin expert, Jose Rodriguez. Topics include: the recent price action in Bitcoin and the reasons behind it, the NASDAQ creates a blockchain backed stock exchange link for 6 companies, Bicoin tech hits the cover of The Economist magazine, Bitcoin is the most successful private money experiment in human history, a much more efficient financial system, decentralizing trust, massive growth in Bitcoin start ups and in investment in the Bitcoin sphere, a lot of opportunity for Bitcoin in the money transmission, the upcoming acceptance and deregulation of Bitcoin, the upcoming 3rd annual Latin American Bitcoin Conference, this time in Mexico City on December 4th – 5th.

LaBITconf 2015, Latin American Bitcoin Conference:

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The Anarchapulco Conference, Acapulco Mexico 19th – 21st Feb. 2015:

The Dollar Vigilante Internationalization and Investment Summit:

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