TechTawk 30 – GTX 960 Thoughts / GTX 970 3.5gb + 512mb VRAM / ContaMoboUpdate + AMD/Bitcoin/DX12

We have a lot to tawkkkkkkkkkk about today, so lets get straight on into it with the GTX 960 launch. I think this card is honestly not that impressive and I feel it would have made more of an impact if it had been cheaper and had the prices of the cards not been so expensive overseas. You can grab a gtx 760 is most parts of the world for significantly cheaper and it will perform almost the same.

The GTX 970 has also been drawn into the light with a recent fiasco detailing that the memory configuration is actually different to the GTX 980 in that it effectively has a 3.5gb vram config over 224bit wide bus + 512mb vram over 32bit wide bus. Contrast this to the 980 which has a full 4gb vram over a 256bit bus you can understand where the frustration is coming from (as effectively that final 512mb vram is useless when it comes to gaming performance as it will most likely cause high frame latency spikes etc… What I am disappointed with here is the deception and there is just NO need for it in this day and age. The GTX 970 is still one hell of a card.

If your hopes were high for AMD well I don’t know what to say, their Q4 results are looking terrible and I don’t know if they have any more hail marys left (especially after looking at those figures)…

Bitcoin prices have dropped so if you are expecting the world to change and keep supporting this ‘currency’ then good luck, just try not to lose too much money in the process (especially if you need it).

DX12 looks promising and the good news is that your current GPU can benefit from it, even if it doesn’t have suppport for DX12.

An update on the contaminated motherboard would point to the problem being solely isolated to the MSI board, as the UD4 board I pulled out was spotless.

Also I failed to mention I have a new project in the coming months, (that b85 board in the back is going to be coupled with something, I am not sure yet lol, so stay tuned).

Links below:

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