The Bitcoin Game #27 – John Barrett of Bitcoins and Gravy

I’ve been a podcast listener for many years now, so when I got interested in Bitcoin, listening to Bitcoin podcasts was a natural. I think Adam B. Levine launched The Daily Bitcoin the same day I first searched for Bitcoin podcasts. And I’ve been hooked on Bitcoin podcasts ever since.

Bitcoins and Gravy has always been a hugely influential show for me. In a sea of podcasts with poor audio quality and barely existent production values, Bitcoins and Gravy sounded as well-produced as any podcast I’d ever heard. Even the short musical pieces between segments were done to perfection. John also experimented with characters and fictional entertainment on some episodes, which really helped Bitcoins and Gravy stand out as something a bit different.

Even after spending time with John at the 2015 Texas Bitcoin Conference, I still find he reverts back to a larger-than-life persona when I listen to him podcast. When I realized John Barrett missed releasing the August 9, 2015, episode of Bitcoins and Gravy, I really took notice. I checked in with John, wanting to make sure he was okay. He said he was, but that he was moving to every other week. But then a couple more weeks went by, and still no new episodes appeared. It was clear something was up, and I was happy he agreed to be on my show.

We spoke for almost two and a half hours, everything from light-hearted talk to John’s very strong views about various subjects. While I thought we’d be bantering more, John really takes a subject and runs with it. Fans of John Barrett and Bitcoins and Gravy won’t want to miss this episode.