The Bitcoin Group #172 – Volatile Bitcoin – Bitconnect – Blockstream Conspiracy – Asia Wrap-Up

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Jeffrey Jones (
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Bitcoin price – live updates: Cryptocurrency value stabilises after dramatic crash | The Independent

Bitconnect, which has been accused of running a Ponzi scheme, shuts down | TechCrunch

Blockstream on Twitter: “Greg Maxwell has left his role as Blockstream’s CTO to focus on #Bitcoin development. While we will miss having him around on a daily basis, we are also happy that he will be able to focus more of his attention on the Bitcoin ecosystem. Farewell Greg!🖖”

Joseph Young on Twitter: “Seriously Reuters, enough is enough. This is edging on cryptocurrency market manipulation, not just irresponsible reporting any more.”

Joseph Young on Twitter: “1. OKCoin and Huobi launching in South Korea this year 2. SK Government considering bitcoin futures 3. 10 more exchanges launching in Korea 4. Debate about public blockchain vs permissioned blockchain on national TV. Does this look like a market that will ban trading? Nope.”

Bitcoin trading survives in China despite crackdown

China’s Shutdown Of Bitcoin Miners Isn’t Just About Electricity

Bitcoin (BTC) price tumbles as China plans to widen crackdown on cryptocurrency trading — Quartz

Bitcoin trading ‘could be banned in China’ as threat of Asian market crackdown pushes down price | The Independent

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