The Decentralized Library of Alexandria – San Diego Bitcoin Meetup 08/15

Speaking at the San Diego Bitcoin Meetup, The Founder of the Decentralized Library of Alexandria, Devon Read, shares his insight on why the world needs a decentralized, permissionless publishing platform and some of the infinite possibilities it presents.

Alexandria is a decentralized library and marketplace for sharing and preserving art, history and culture. Imagine a platform like Youtube, Soundcloud, or Netflix, but without ads or the costly server or bandwidth overhead. Content creators can self-publish anything, including videos, music, books, 3D printable, recipes, and more. End users will have the same experience they currently get from Spotify, iTunes or Netflix, with easy credit/debit card one-time payments or pre-paid subscriptions and content creators will have complete control over how their work is published and will be able to choose from several different monetization options.What Bitcoin did for money, Alexandria aims to do for digital content publishing and distribution by removing central points of failure and financially incentivizing users around the world to contribute to it.

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