THE FILTER #62: “Bitcoin… What’s the Use?”

What is the big deal anyway about Bitcoin? Why do we need a new kind of money and what makes Bitcoin so special? Why bother…what’s the use? This week at THE FILTER, we’ll take a look at Bitcoin and the killer use cases that make Bitcoin and the technology behind it so special. We will explore use cases together that enable things like micro lending, cross border smart contracts, and why you might want to allow your car to pay for parking all by itself. It’s the future man… come check this out!

Each week we get together to talk about crypto currency and the new global economy forming around it. It’s a collaborative effort where we take a look at all the news and events together. It’s for beginners and experts alike for a fun, action packed and informative hour. 

THE FILTER meets every Tuesday from 5pm to 6:30 at Hubud in Ubud, Bali.