THE FILTER #64: “Bitcoin Will Predict the Future”

Can you predict the future? Bitcoin can. How? Predictive markets. Idea Futures. Event Derivatives and more. When money is involved, the wisdom of crowds can tell us a lot. This week we take a look at this novel use of Bitcoin.  Prediction markets go back a long way, with their first incarnations appearing in economics essays in the mid 1940s. Today with crypto currencies and global access to the internet, these theories are being tested in the real world. 

Recently, we predicted that there will be a meeting at Hubud this Tuesday at 5pm local time. Probability: 100%

Each week we get together to talk about crypto currency and the new global economy forming around it. It’s a collaborative effort where we take a look at all the news and events together. It’s for beginners and experts alike for a fun, action packed and informative hour. 

THE FILTER meets every Tuesday from 5pm to 6pm at Hubud in Ubud, Bali.