THE FILTER #67: “Bitcoin Industry Prepares Lunar Lander”

Bitcoin has existed freely on the internet since January 2009 and is still rocketing along at full speed. Worth over $4.5B USD, its global ecosystem faces challenge after challenge, sometimes with grace, sometimes with vitriol. Bitcoin is a new phenomenon on planet earth and it’s so exciting to be onboard for this wild ride to the moon and beyond. 

Each week we get together to talk about crypto currency and the new global economy forming around it. It’s a collaborative effort where we take a look at all the news and events together. It’s for beginners and experts alike for a fun, action packed and informative hour. Come join us as we FILTER all the week’s news and discuss how the world of crypto effects YOU.

THE FILTER meets every Tuesday from 5pm to 6pm at Hubud in Ubud, Bali.