The Truth About Bitcoin 2019

The Truth About Bitcoin 2019 and onward- that is the subject of this video!

Bitcoin has been a massive subject these last two years, but now that its price has gone parabolically upward and now much of the way back down, what does the future hold for it?

In this video I examine the future of bitcoin and cryptocurrency, through analyzing and giving my thoughts on some of the most common and controversial questions surrounding it and the world of crypto in general.

I think my answers will be relatively unique, and should be highly valuable to anyone interested in bitcoin, cryptocurrency, money, culture, politics, investing, wealth, the future, sovereign/fiat currency vs gold and silver vs cryptocurrency, etc.

This subject is obviously a hotly debated one, as evidenced in the countless search queries we see here on Youtube such as The Truth About Bitcoin Investing, The Truth About Bitcoin And Mark Of The Beast, Bitcoin Predictions 2019, The Truth Behind Cryptocurrency, Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin Creater Really The CIA ?, and countless others.

If you are a fan of Stefan Molyneux, Peter Schiff, Robert Kiyosaki, Paul Joseph Watson, or the topic of bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general, then you should find this video valuable!

Please let me know what you think down below in the comments section!

Julian Langness
Conquering Modernity

1) I meant to say 2016 instead of 2015 at the beginning of the video when discussing my own exposure to Bitcoin.
2) I didn’t get into the issue of ‘alt-coins’ in general, but obviously 99% of them were scams or just jokes (“f*ckcoin”, “bananacoin”, etc)
3) A lot of people really did lose everything by betting their life savings (or more) on bitcoin when it was racing upwards, and their shattered lives are a good reminder of how sober we all need to be in the rhetoric we use online and how important true self-education is.
4) I didn’t mention it but there is also a theory that another nation state (Russia or China or some other) created Bitcoin, and I think this is another theory that has some logic behind it.


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