The WAN Show: Is the NSA Behind Bitcoin? New Mac Pro and GUEST SoldierKnowsBest – Dec 28, 2013

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6:00 artificial heart successfully planted in a human
9:55 Kung Fury
16:20 R9 290 after market + our over clocking procedures
20:49 Used hearts tweets
25:41 Google VS. Apple media mentions
29:57 RSA Paid off by the NSA and Bitcoin has some dirty roots
36:34 The internet archive puts 70s and 80s classic games online
39:03 SoldierKnowsBest Joins us!
50:44 Apple lightly slapped with a fine by the FTC in Taiwan
1:00:00 New mac pro is slow?
1:08:30 Google Glass 2.0
1:17:30 Sponsor Messages
1:30:15 Samsung made a really bad commercial
1:35:05 Parenting to preserve the classics
1:46:41 Twitter blitz
1:56:25 WD Fan Night