Today in Bitcoin (2018-01-24) – Bitcoin Black Hole – 50 Cent’s 700 Bitcoin – The Power of Hodl

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‎11212.52 USD / BTC – Average United States Dollar Bitcoin Price

Davos: Blockchain can no longer be ignored

Matt Odell on Twitter: “Interview with @TraceMayer “Bitcoin can become like a black hole on the world’s balance sheet and suck in all this fiat and fractionally reserved banking money and really give us an equity-based monetary system on the other side.”″

Christoph Atteneder on Twitter: “We’re seeing significant @bisq_network trading volume in January—and the month isn’t over yet. Thanks to everyone supporting decentralized exchanges by actually using them! #BeYourOwnExchange…”

50 Cent: ‘I Forgot’ Taking 700 Bitcoins For 2014 Album; Stake Is Now Worth Millions : The Two-Way : NPR

11,220 USD · Preev

Armin van Bitcoin on Twitter: “#LightningNetwork continues to grow at a staggering rate, doubling in size in the last 72 hours. Companies like @coinbase and @bitpay can either keep up and implement #segwit or become dinosaurs like AOL. Nodes: 184 Channels: 461 Capacity: 2.76 BTC #bitcoin…”

Adam Back on Twitter: “the other point is @coinbase are not batching, nor using segwit, so if you factor that in (up to 2x smaller from segwit and up to 5x smaller from batching but not fully combining and not always) say 5x smaller (??) maybe they’re paying 50x what they could vs @bitstamp per payment…″

Kyle Torpey on Twitter: “”In other words, hodlers are the floor on the bitcoin price. Once enough people sell their bitcoin, only the hodlers are left, and they’re ready to buy more, which increases the percentage of the total supply of bitcoin that is held by the hodlers.””

Here’s The Fundamental Bitcoin Valuation Metric That Determines The Cryptocurrency’s Price Moves

IGIVEUP on Twitter: “Hodlers make demand and supply curves price elastic!… “

Neeraj K. Agrawal on Twitter: “Here’s the clip of CNBC showing Dogecoin, Potcoin, and Pandacoin on air. h/t @inthepixels for finding it… “

Richard Heart on Twitter: “Libertarian bros. If you want to be compelling in arguments of the form: X law sucks! You need to understand the problem that existed that caused X law to be created, AND address that problem if law X disappeared.”

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