Today in Bitcoin News Podcast (2017-11-30) – Bitcoin Slides – Coinbase & Bitpay Segwit?

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Bitcoin slides amid rollercoaster ride – BBC News

Tuur Demeester on Twitter: “WSJ front page this morning. I like the comparison of BTC market cap to USD cash in circulation.”

Mad Bitcoins on Twitter: “Today’s @PhillyD show opened with #bitcoin. Reminded me of a MadBitcoins episode. Exciting! #10K”

Jade Rose {#HODL} on Twitter: “@WorldCryptoNet I’m so grateful for the platform you created 4 our #bitcoincommunity”

CO฿IE IS RETIRED on Twitter: “Satoshi just moved his Bitcoin Cash 😱😱😱 Block explorer: Looks like the address is owned by BitFinex!″

Mad Bitcoins on Twitter: “It’s time for everyone to join @alansilbert ‘s quiet campaign asking @coinbase and @bitpay when they will adopt #Segwit #Bitcoin. Be louder.”

Alan Silbert on Twitter: “[email protected]_armstrong @spair”

Adam Back on Twitter: “@alansilbert @brian_armstrong @spair I’m noticing an odd comparison: segwit is a simple and safe upgrade and yet they are “no ready”, yet 2x was an incompatible and complex to s…″

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