Tone’s MA #80 – Bitcoin SegWit Locks In… Now What?

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Time Index:
00:01 – Intro & Travel Schedule
– Equities
– Gold
– Oil
– Bitcoin Technicals & SegWit/SegWit2x views
– Litecoin & Monero
– Bitcoin Thoughts (Upcoming Hard Fork & Coinbase Delays)
– Live Q&A

Time Analysis Article (August 11th, 2017 referenced in a 2014 Article):

Latest News that is holding Bitcoin back in price: https:[email protected]/bitcoin-cash-what-you-need-to-know-c25df28995cf

Latest Stats on Signaling %

Scaling TimeLine:
https:[email protected]/uasf-segwit2x-scenarios-and-timelines-1a540336c4be

August 1st Warnings to be careful in using Bitcoin:;topicseen

Guide to setting up your own node (see below for making it #UASF compatible)

UASF-BIP148 & SegWit2x-BIP91 Support Stats
CoreDev UASF Support:
Informative UASF Video’s

UASF – BIP148 Mandatory Reading:
https:[email protected][email protected]expected-59702a337f6f
https:[email protected][email protected]-node-or-not-b7d2dbe85ce6
https:[email protected]/bitcoin-uasf-and-skin-in-the-game-7695031c5689
https:[email protected]/segwit2x-what-you-need-to-know-b747e6326266
https:[email protected]/examining-bitmains-press-release-6b47b0646f15

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