What is Happening With Bitcoin & Crypto?!

What is Happening With Bitcoin & Crypto?!

Bitcoin and the entire crypto markets have been stagnant every since last weeks dip. This is causing a lot of fear and uncertainty among new investors. But what is causing the market to behave in this way and what can we expect moving forward? Bitcoin and blockchain technology is here to stay and we are undergoing many rapid changes! In this video, I talk about where we are now and where we are headed in the future!

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0:03 Bitcoin Price

0:05 Bitcoin Crash

0:07 Crypto Market Analysis

0:09 January 2018 Bitcoin Prediction

0:11 January 2018 Bitcoin Crash

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0:15 Lightening Network Transaction

0:17 Cryptocurrency Price Prediction

0:19 2018 Bitcoin Price Prediction

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0:27 Stripe Ends Support for Bitcoin

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0:31 Lightening Network Pizza Day

0:33 China Bans Bitcoin

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